Video: An introduction to yoga

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Think it takes years of practising yoga before you see any results? Not so says yoga teacher and trainer Annick Robinson. Follow her moves and make yoga your go-to stress-busting habit.

"The word yoga comes from "to yoke"”, meaning to unite," explains Annick Robinson, fitness and yoga teacher and trainer. “So while some may think that yoga is designed to make you more flexible, it is actually meant to make you more balanced: It makes you stronger where you are weak; more supple where you are stiff. Yoga helps you connect your mind, your body and your spirit."

And that can give us all a way to be proactive about the stress in our lives. Just like tai chi, yoga is a focussed movement that brings elements of meditation to a physical activity. It also lengthens and aligns your body and helps strengthen muscles.

Yoga for you

If you're hesitant to try yoga because you don't think you'll be any good at it or simply can't do it, this video is for you. "Yoga is all about dropping the ego," says Annick. "There is no perfect yoga but you make it perfect for you."

So put on some comfortable clothing, find some free space and let Annick take you through a few simple poses. Just remember to stop if you feel any pain and see your doctor if you haven't exercised in a while (or ever) before trying any new exercise.

This video is done in five "chapters" so you can jump between poses or follow this mini-routine from beginning to end.

Let's get started!

Yoga in your neighbourhood

Now that you've gotten your yoga feet wet, you may want to try an in-person class. Just note that there are many different types of yoga. While the positions are the same, it's how you transition from one pose to another that makes it different, and that can make it more challenging. To start, go for a class for beginners and ask about classes that may be right for you. At the start of your class, let your yoga teacher know of any injuries or limitations you have.

Search "yoga" in Find Support for more information, services and yoga groups in your community.



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