QUIZ: Are you stuck in splitsville?

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Surviving a divorce is one thing; thriving after one is quite another. Take this interactive quiz and find out if you’re still stuck in break-up mode or if you’re on your way to a new life, with new challenges and rewards.

"Like all losses, people who go through a divorce go through a grieving process," says Sharon Shenker, therapeutic Family and Relationship Coach. "Unfortunately, some men and women are either stuck in the process or think they have moved on but really haven’t. And when that happens, it’s difficult to thrive after a divorce because they’re actually still just trying to survive it."

Try this 10-part quiz, developed by Sharon Shenker, to find out how far you've come or if you have some post-divorce work to do. For each question, choose an answer that best describes your situation or how you're feeling. Once completed, review your mini-evaluation for insights on where you are in the process and what you can do to go from a divorce survivor to a divorce "thriver."

Just remember that there are no right or wrong answers.

Splitsville Quiz
How do you feel on an average day?
Life just isn’t the same without my partner. I feel like such a failure
I feel concerned for the future but mostly excited about what the future holds as I achieve new goals.
I feel like I’m bouncing around from doom and gloom to scared and anxious. But I’m occasionally excited.
I’m a bit sad about what could or should have been but I’ve accepted that we’re divorced or about to be officially divorced.



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