VIDEO: A positive way of thinking, being and doing

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Half full or half empty: How should you look at that glass? The half-full approach will help you deal with life’s challenges. Watch and find out how you can put positive thinking to work for you every day.

You choose the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the books you read, so why not choose the way you think? Positive thinking is a choice. It’s about choosing how to look at the world and how to think about it, and then choosing those things that will boost your personal development and growth.

“Positive thinking is not difficult to do and becomes easier as your get into the habit of doing it,” says psychotherapist and life coach Antoinette Giacobbe. “It’s a mindset that you can develop by drawing on your own inner strength and a firm desire to think in a positive way. And once you’re achieved this positive outlook, it will help you better cope with all of life’s challenges.”

Watch this video exercise and learn Antoinette Giacobbe’s technique for achieving a positive way of thinking — and living.

Positive thinking tips to go

Click here for a printable card with Antoinette Giacobbe’s positive thinking tips.



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