Overcoming job interview jitters

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Reducing the stress of that upcoming job interview is easy. It's all a matter of planning, planning, and more planning. Here's a ready, set, go approach to making it work.

Every job interview is a stressful experience; there's no way around that. But while you can't change the situation, you can successfully manage the stress associated with your job interview.

Watch this slideshow for tips on how to take control of your job interview jitters and the stress that comes with it.

Get ready...

Your preparation begins with knowing everything you can upfront. Here's what to do:

  • Ask about the interview. Who and how many people you'll be speaking with? How long it will last? Should you bring anything with you (besides your resume)? And while you're at it, ask for a contact name and number should you run into an unavoidable delay (like traffic).
  • Research the company. Check the company's web site, related sites, press releases, news stories, and anyone you know who may have some knowledge of the company or its products and services. You can also take your search further by visiting your public library and asking about company reference material.
  • Request a detailed job description — beyond the job posting you already have.
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