Audio: Visualize for inner strength

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In collaboration with: Eli Bay, Stress Expert

Be brave

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When it comes to battling illness - either your own or that of a loved one - you need inner strength to help you overcome periods of uncertainty and fear. "When done properly, in a relaxed state, visualization can help you focus on success, achievement and strength," says relaxation expert Eli Bay. Listen to his audio exercise and find your way to strength.

If you're about to embark on a journey of healing, preparing yourself for a medical procedure or trying to be strong for someone else, your state of mind can turn inner strength into an achievable goal.

Let renowned relaxation expert Eli Bay take you through a simplified visualization exercise and unlock the inner strength you thought you didn't have. "Inner strength is there," says Eli. "It's just a matter of getting to a relaxed, stress-free state so that it can be unlocked and used to its full advantage."

To get more information about Eli Bay and his relaxation and visualization techniques, visit this website.


  • Eli Bay: website
  • Eli Bay, "Maximizing Performance" from Unwind & Win: Relaxation and Visualization CD collection.

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