Interactive: Full esteem ahead!

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Self-esteem is about feeling happy and proud of yourself, and believing in yourself and your abilities. It's a force that allows you to live successfully and find meaning in your life. Want to get it? Here's how in 21 days.

"Self-esteem is like your psychological immune system that protects and defends," says psychotherapist and life coach Antoinette Giacobbe. "With positive self-esteem, you face the day with ‘Yes, I can' and ‘Yes, I am' rather than doubting yourself and your abilities."

But for some of us, getting to the positive may be a struggle. If you're questioning yourself, find it difficult to overcome other people's criticism, or sit on the sidelines of life, then know you can change — for the better.

Your 21-day guide to improved self-esteem

"In order to form a new habit, experts agree that a 21-day cycle is needed to reprogram your subconscious mind into accepting new information," explains Antoinette. "Therefore, to kick-start a new and permanent change, you must provide your brain with new data for 21 consecutive days. That way, you can replace disruptive pathways in your brain with new ones."

Try Antoinette's 21-day self-esteem booster and empower yourself with the building blocks to positive self-esteem. But remember the 21-day rule: For permanent improvement, you need to be consistent and focussed yet still be patient with yourself.

21 days to power self-esteem

Click on a day and get your daily power exercise. Once you've read and understand the instructions, put them into practice!

Take-away advice

To help make this 21-day exercise more portable, choose one of two print options:



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