Video: Why your doctor taps, feels, looks and listens — one doctor’s method

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In collaboration with: Dr. Ted Jablonski, Family Physician
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Ever wonder why your doctor places that cold stethoscope between your shoulder blades? What about shining a bright light in your eyes? Watch this video with Dr. Ted Jablonski and take some of the mystery out of your next visit.

“Every doctor has their own way of conducting a physical examination, but generally we’re all looking for clues about your overall health,” says Dr. Ted Jablonski, a family physician in Calgary. In this video, Dr. Jablonski takes us through a speedy version of an external exam. Watch and learn...

This video shows an example of how one doctor performs a physical exam. Your healthcare provider may use different methods. Also note that the content and timing of these exams may change over time. If you have any questions, ask your healthcare provider.


  • Interview with Dr. Ted Jablonski

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