Kids and confidence: know your ABCs

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Raising children is a tough job. But raising them to be happy and confident can be as easy as learning the ABCs. Use this interactive tool and start to lay the right foundation for your children.

"Being a parent is one of the toughest — and most rewarding — jobs for which we receive the least amount of training," says psychotherapist and life coach Antoinette Giacobbe. "Apart from providing a warm, secure and loving home for your child, one of your most important tasks is to lay the foundation of positive self-confidence for your children as they develop into self-confident adults."

Click on one of the following letters and read Antoinette's expert advice on how to help your children be healthy, happy and confident.

A is for "pay Attention"

The highest form of respect is to listen. Try to listen to what your kids have to say and be genuinely interested in their lives. This requires that you stop what you're doing and not just hear them, but really listen. As your children feel accepted, they feel supported and can start to build a good base of self worth.

Take-away advice

Click here to print out a copy of Antoinette's entire ABCs to raising happy, confident children.

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